What educators have to say.... 

“Today’s world is at an ever increasing frenetic pace that is challenging for many of our children. Therefore I was thankful to have Emily and Jana of The ACE Approach (Awareness and Consciousness Education) working with our students on recognizing and managing emotions, developing caring and concern for others, establishing positive relationships, making responsible decisions, and handling challenging situations constructively. These are the skills that allow children to calm themselves when angry, make friends, resolve con icts respectfully, and make ethical and safe choices. The ACE Approach is a must for every child in today’s world.” – Jeff Borsten, Assistant Head of School, Montcrest School

“The ACE Approach enabled my students to take risks in an authentic non-judgemental space. They were able to express their true selves and believe in their own capabilities.” – Karmjit Sangha-Bosland, Teacher, Halton District School Board

What parents have to say.... 

“The ACE Program is so practical and so easy to follow. I have used the technique with my children... and noticed that they were so much happier being able to express their feelings and be who they really are...free to live their lives in love and happiness.” - Tenille, (Mother)


"A list of what one parent learned at a family retreat:

  • Re-Treat: learning to treat people in my life differently with positive attitude where words and actions are to come from the heart

  • learning to express truthfully and identifying true emotion

  • getting in touch with it, feeling it and letting it go and moving forward" - Rena, (Mother)

What students have to say.... 

“I have had the greatest week of my life...I learned so many things like...what Ahimsa (non-violence) is and how to deal with emotions. The meditation that we did everyday helped throughout the day. It also made me calm and relaxed. It also brought me to myself.” - Garshan, 13 


“The ACE Approach is the ever! What I learned in ACE Approach was amazing... I learned how to meditate, it made me more peaceful. Now I feel more Ahimsic (non-violent)... say if I see someone mad I can actually know what to do in those situations.” Jaden, 13


“At ACE I learned to meditate. It is an incredible skill that I will take with me everywhere.” - 

Kamaya, 9 


“I think my relationship with my family grew by learning how to be calmer with each other. I think I grew by taking risks, making my comfortable space bigger and dealing with my emotions better.” - Zeul, 11 


“I love ACE because I loved the construction and the baking and I learned that your breath can calm you down without screaming or yelling, you can just take a couple deep breaths.” Amro, 8 


“I have grown by being more aware and conscious about what I am doing. Also now I use Progrow (the ACE Approach conflict resolution technique) when I’m in arguments with anyone.” Amelia, 10


“I have grown in my relationships...I met new friends...If I am feeling bad I can use meditation to help me relax.” John, 9

“I learned about ACE that they will teach you when you’re mad...how to let it out in a better way than just screaming and yelling.” Aurora, 10