About Us

Taught by certified teachers, The ACE Approach is an alternative education program designed to teach students social and emotional learning skills through arts-based strategies and techniques. Participants develop self-awareness, social awareness and relationship skills through creative group projects, exploratory exercises, and mindfulness practices. 

Our mission is to develop awareness, non-violence and social and emotional skills in teaching and learning communities to inspire responsible, positive relationships with self, others and the environment.


Through transformative and reflective practices, The ACE Approach nurtures emotional regulation, peaceful problem-solving and mental health by teaching students meditation, breathing techniques and emotional/social awareness practices. 

Emily Duron is the Director and Founder of The ACE Approach (Awareness and Consciousness Education). After teaching for many years, she realized the importance of developing and nurturing Social and Emotional Learning for all students. With over 10 years experience in Education, Emily has worked with a full spectrum of students and has extensive experience in Special Education, Experiential Education and Awareness Education. Emily also received clinical training in renowned Social and Emotional Learning program, Social Thinking®. 


Emily is immersed in a life of meditation and learning as a practitioner of Hridaya Yoga (Yoga of the Heart). Hridaya Yoga is a complete path of yoga offered by Yogini Mangala Anshumati who is also the founder of an organization called, AHIMSA (Artistic Harmlessness in Mind Speech and Action). Hridaya Yoga and AHIMSA are the inspiration and foundation of The ACE Approach.